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2011 USAC National Midget Series - Season Highlights


MCM recently ran its final race for the 2011 season, bringing to a close one of the most successful seasons the team has been a part of. The fall was kicked off at Eldora Speedway for the 4-Crown Nationals, where Mario managed a 12th place finish while struggling with an ignition issue on the car.

The first weekend of October, Powri held there season finale in Belleville, IL, a track that Mario had run well at in the past and was looking to do so again. The night started off well as Clouser finished 2nd in his heat race which set him up for a 5th place starting position in the feature. At the drop of the flag in the feature Mario, within a couple laps had worked his way up to 2nd position and proceeded to run down the leader. On lap 15 Mario took the lead, but when a caution came out on lap 25 it allowed the field to get bunched back up. On the restart second place runner Brett Anderson made a charge for the lead and got by Mario. Mario worked the next few laps to get back up to Anderson and on the final lap threw a slide job for the lead. Anderson passed Mario back on the backstretch and with him came Bubba Altig. Clouser and Altig tangled in turns three and four and Clouser crossed the line in 3rd. "It was a bummer to end up 3rd tonight when we were leading it just 5 laps ago, but I guess that racing and just how things played out tonight.", said Mario after the race.

The following weekend Granite City, IL hosted the Gold Crown Midget Nationals, a race that has quickly become one of the premier events in midget racing. With over 50 cars entered every night competition was very tough. Mario made the A-feature every night of the 3 night event, all three nights racing his way in via the B-Main. Clouser finished 15th the first night, 18th the second, and 14th the third. "This is a tough event down here, lots of good cars and its tough. I'd say this is one of the hardest races we run all year, between the competition that's here and the way the track ends up during the feature. It's a tough place to pass and if you get yourself in a hole early on in the night you pay for it come feature time. I was very happy to make the show every night though and to run inside the Top 15 here puts you among some great drivers", said Mario.

Irwindale, CA held the final event for MCM in 2011. The Turkey Night Gran Prix is one of the longest running races in the country. This 98 lap feature event is held at the Toyota Speedway on its 1/2 mile Pavement track. Clouser worked hard on practice day fighting a motor issue early which was unable to be fixed forcing the team to have to change a engine Wednesday night. Thursday morning the team fired the new engine but overall would be left to qualify on a motor that hadn't been practiced with. Mario qualified in 15th position out of the 36 cars present at the event and would start there in the feature as well. Clouser fell back early in the feature but stayed out of trouble early on and by lap 80 had worked his way but up to the 12th position. When a caution came out on lap 90 Mario had just passed for 9th, but on the restart Clouser lost a couple positions and had to settle for 12th, being unable to work his way back through the field.

I got to thank everyone that helped us out this year. We have had an Amazing season with a win, multiple quick times as well as a track record at the Belleville High Banks and Grundy County Speedway, it's just been great. Without the help of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, RTS Farms, Steele Performance, Joe Gibbs Driven, Areoquip, TSR, Saldana, and VP Racing none of this would have been possible. I got to work with a great crew chief this year, Evan Avart, who taught me a lot about what it takes to go fast and to have a car to do it. Thanks to everyone, and we are looking forward to next season! --Mario Closuer


The end of summer brought great success for Mario Clouser and team. July ended with a string of dirt races in the Midwest, MCM ran 2 nights in Nebraska the first of which looked as though Mario would have a runner up finish, but after a late race restart and a bobble by the lead pack Clouser had to settle for a 5th place finish. The following night Mario had to start deep in the field and after battling hard on a very slick track finished in the 10th position. The next night MCM was in Cameron, MO and had a very good run finishing 5th.


August brought on one of the major high-lights of Mario's racing career. Racing at the Belleville High Banks in Kansas for the Midget Nationals Mario was excited to be making his debut on the famed, world's fastest half mile dirt track. After a promising round of practice Clouser set fast time and a new track record of 17.497 in qualifying. "This is just amazing, I felt like I ran a great lap but just didn't know having not been here before. I told myself, well good or bad that's the best I could have done right there. I was absolutely shocked when I got to tech and my crew said it was a new track record. I just would have never guessed that I'd do this my first time here. It's great, I will definitely never forget this." said Mario after his qualifying run. Clouser went on to finish 6th the first night but unfortunately fell out of the second night's feature after a battery malfunction.

The following week MCM found themselves at one of the smallest race tracks on the circuit, Belle-Clair


Speedway. Mario picked up a heat race win and a 7th place finish in the feature. The next race at Lincoln, IL Clouser scored another win in the B-Feature and a 7th place run in the A-main. The day after Mario raced in Sun Prairie, WI and after a flip while running 6th and only 7 laps remaining Mario raced his way back to salvage a top 10 for the evening.

The final weekend of August MCM raced a USAC regional event at Grundy County Speedway, a track thatheld a national event earlier in the season. (That race Mario set quick time but after getting tangled up in an incident Clouser was only able to race his way to 8th.) Mario was determined to not let that happen again and showed it early on. Mario had quick time in practice and backed it up by setting fast time and a new track record during qualifying with a time of 14.095. Clouser started 7th in the feature after a random pill draw,


and by lap 15 had the lead. He then managed to hold off all competition and pick up the first victory of his 2011 season! "I'm so excited to get this win, it's been a while since I've won a feature and you kind of forget how good this really feels. My team has been working so hard this year and it seems we have just lacked the little bit of luck it takes to get it to victory lane. It's great to be here though", said Mario in victory lane.

The next weekend Clouser looked to carry the recent momentum of a victory at the dirt track in La Salle, IL. The night started off strong but after spinning to avoid a spin, Mario had to race from the back yet again, nonetheless Mario raced his way up to 6th place for a solid evening, the next nights race at Angel Park Speedway was rained out. Stay tuned as the next months contain some very big dirt races, including the 4-Crown at Eldora Speedway and the Gold Crown in Granite City, IL.

June and July were a couple busy and very successful months for Mario Clouser.  June was kicked off with Indiana Midget week.  A week which includes 5 nights of racing all held back to back and which attracts some of the best drivers in the country.  Clouser and team took advantage of the consecutive nights of racing to gain familiarization of new cars and working with new set-ups.  Mario made the feature event 4 of 5 nights throughout the week and had some strong finishes.  Midget week ended a run of dirt races for the next month and started a string of pavement races. 

.Mario made his first trip to the famed Milwaukee Mile the following weekend, qualifying 7th and finishing 8th in the feature kept the momentum up from midget week and left the team looking forward to Iowa speedway the following weekend.  Iowa speedway is a track that Mario had been fast at before and was looking forward to running there again. "Practice that day was somewhat disappointing, struggling with the line and some chassis issues I wasn't exactly looking forward to qualifying, but after talking with my crew chief, Evan Avart, I felt we had a good strategy for qualifying." Mario said.  Clouser pushed off for qualifying and after the first lap was 3rd quick, the team was anticipating and even fast lap for the 2nd and as Mario crossed the line, Quick Time!!  This set Mario up for a pole position start in the feature, but a first lap incident involving the 3rd place car would leave Clouser spun and going to the tail.  Clouser battled back for a strong 2nd Place finish though which marked Mario's best USAC finish to date. 

MCM backed up this performance at the next event in Toledo, OH qualifying quick time again and finishing a strong 5th place in the feature.  The next day in Morris, IL Clouser again qualified quick time, but a early race restart cause a crash which Mario was tangled up in and battling from the back again Mario Finished 8th.  "We've been very fast, and we've showed that with our recent runs, getting everything to fall into place in the feature is all we need to put together a win, I know were close and I think everyone else see's that too.  All we can do is keep working hard like we have been and it will come." Said Mario after a string of quick times without a feature win. 

.MCM finished up mid July by getting back on the dirt with a race in Wilmot, WI.  Qualifying was rained out and Clouser had to start 16th in the feature, 30 laps later though after battling hard Mario had raced his way up to 4th for a respectable finish and a good practice for the upcoming dirt events.

July is finished off with a pavement race at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, IN on the 28th.  MCM will then pack up and head west to race dirt July 29th in McCool Junction, NE for 2 nights, race Camron, MO on the 31st.  Then racing the famed Belleville Nationals in Belleville, KS the first weekend in August.  Stay tuned for more results.

Mario Clouser had a busy month of racing during May. The month started out with some testing at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for the Night before the 500 race that is held the day before the Indy 500. MCM was able to get a lot of laps in and make some great strides toward getting a good car for the race later that month. The first race of the month was rained out at Angel Park Speedway. This two day show is to be rescheduled but the date has yet to be set.

The Hut 100 in Haubstadt, Indiana was the first race that mother nature would allow to be held. MCM started the night off struggling a little bit but by feature time had the car dialed in. Starting from the 25th spot in the 33 car field, Mario was able to work his way up to 11th. The race was not easy though, Clouser got tangled up in multiple incidents on the track and had to work his way back through the field a couple times. "We had a tough night tonight but all things considered we had a good run" said Mario after the race.

The final race of the month for MCM was the famed Night Before the 500 event held in Indianapolis. The day started off well for MCM and they had the car very good by the end of practice. Mario qualified 3rd quick out of the 34 car field and was able to transfer through the heat race and get his time back for the feature race. Mario started 5th in the feature but with a fuel issue, the car did not take off like it should have setting him back to middle of the field by turn 1. From there Clouser did all he could to gain back position and made his way up to 13th but with 10 laps to go a U-joint broke which ended the night for MC motorsports. "We had a great car tonight, It is very disappointing for our night to end this way. Evan Avart did a great job on the set-up tonight and its a shame we didn't have a better run in the feature." stated Mario at the end of the night.

MCM is now gearing up for Indiana Midget week which kicks off June 8th at Gas City Speedway.

Chili Bowl 2011
MCM made its debut this year at the Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, OK. The 25 year old event draws moremidgets than any other race in the country with a field this year of 264 race cars and more fans than any other midget race as well. MCM would be running the first ever car to be powered by E-98 Ethanol at this event, with permission from the promoters the team was very excited to get to race with the fuel at an event where emissions is of great concern.

Mondays practice was exciting with Mario getting his first laps on the 1/5 mile indoor oval and with the car performing extremely well. Mario's pre-lim night was Tuesday and after a promising practice he would line up 8th in his heat race. Within the first two laps of the heat race Mario had raced his way up to 4th running the high groove of the track, but on lap 3 when a car slid up in front of Clouser they touched wheels and Mario was sent flipping into the turn 3 fence and was unable to finish the heat. The team went to work getting the car fixed up for the rest of the evening as Mario would now have to race his way up from the C-main. Clouser ran 2nd in his C-main which transferred him to the B. Starting 16th in the B-main, a 4th place finish was needed to transfer to the A feature. Mario raced hard but was only able to make his way up to and 9th place finish in the B-Main

Tuesdays finish set up MCM for a F-main starting position on Saturdays event. Mario finished 3rd in the F-main and left him with yet again a 16th place starting position. Mario was still only able to rally up to 9th in the E-main which left him 5 places short of transferring on. "I'm happy with how we ran for this being our first time so such a large event, yet feel we could have run much better if not for such a unfortunate first night of racing. When you get in the back of these transfer races it becomes almost impossible to make up 12 position in only 8 laps. We know what this event is like now though and we will be all the more prepared for next year, and I'm already looking forward to it" said Mario.

MCM is now currently gearing up for the 2011 race season with the first USAC event slated for April 22-23 at Dodge City Speedway in Dodge City, KS. Stay tuned for more exciting news as the race season nears.
2010 USAC National Midget Series - Season Highlights


Mario Clouser Motorsports has gotten Ethanol approved by USAC as a fuel for the 2010 season. On September 12, 2009 Mario Clouser Motorsports introduced Agriculture Professionals to USAC including Tim Seifert-RTS Farms, Dave Loos-Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Kristen Moore-Renewable Fuels, and Chuck Spencer-Grow mark Industries. In the meeting with Jason McCord, Competition director of USAC, Clouser discussed the use of Ethanol as the primary fuel of the USAC National Midget Series as well as the benefits to the local farm economy and the environment.

After USAC’s positive response to the possibility of using Ethanol, MCM spent two days at the chassis dyno in Mt. Carmel, IL. MCM was able to prove Ethanol capable of similar performance to that of methanol, the current fuel of USAC. With a Go-Green attitude, MCM is hopeful of running ethanol in the 2010 season at USAC National Midget events.

Last week USAC announced that they will be allowing the use of Ethanol this year in the midget series and as of now Mario Clouser Motorsports is the only team to announce that they will be racing with Ethanol this year.  "We are very excited about our opportunity to show the racing community how the car can perform on Ethanol, said Mario" "I'm looking forward to racing with the fuel, the dyno test have shown positive results and I am very excited to see how it translates on track"  The teams race season kicks off February 19th in Tuscon, Arizona with a week long tour out west on dirt.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information and race results as the season progresses.


Illinois Agrinews 8-14-09Excerpt from the August 14, 2009 Illiniois Agrinews article:
"...The Clouser Motorsports team is pushing for the use of ethanol in the association (UMARA), similar to what the Indy Racing League did three years ago. Mario Clouser and his brother Dominic, had their car on display at the Illinois Corn Growers Association headquarters recently and have been conducting ethanol blend tests for the past few years. Team sponsors include E85 Ethanol and the Illinois Corn Marketing Board."

Click on the article image to the right to read the full article.

2009 USAC/UMARA National Midget Series - Season Highlights


Photo by Phil Rider
2009 National Midget

Mario Clouser, who was leading the UMARA points champion ship mid-way through the year looked asthough he would easily be able to hand on to the lead and capture the Championship. After winning three UMARA features in a row, things were looking very good for the Mario Clouser Motorsports number 06. Following Mario's three victories a race at Illiana Motor Speedway would end up being the turning point for Clousers point championship hopes.

Starting on the front row, next to Jimmy Anderson, Mario took the lead coming out of turn two. After leading the first five laps of the feature Clousers Motor broke a valve spring just as the caution flag came out. Mario now knew the best he could do was hold on in attempt to salvage as many points as possible. When the green flag flew again, it wasn't long before Clouser was challenged for the lead, with only three cylinder firing Mario was easily over taken and running in second, a lap later third places Kyle Hamilton made a late decision to pass and spun Mario in the process. Clouser hit the wall extremely hard on the left side. By the end of the incident a enormous amount of damage had been done to the car, and he received lasts place points.

06 leading

Mario Clouser Motorsports worked day and night to get the car ready for the following Saturdays event at Grundy County Speedway. The team did an amazing job and was able to get to the track on time after having an extensive amount of work to accomplish in a very short amount of time. After the first set of practice it was apparent to Mario that something still wasn't quite right with the car, the team quickly went to work, trying to diagnose the problem, checking everything from the wheels to the square of the rear end they were unable to come up with where the vibration was coming from. Mario then went out for final practice and qualifying only to continue trying to find something wrong. Clouser was forced to drop out of the feature on the very first lap due to a broken rear brake caliper. It was later found that vibrations from a bent lower shaft in the rear end had caused the rear brakes mounting bolts to fail.

Clousers lead had now dwindled down dramatically from what it had been just two races before the following weekend would result in a respectable fourth place finish directly behind the second place point’s contender. The point lead by the final race of the season was down to 32 points, Clouser would have to win his heat race as well as run directly behind second in points at the least. Starting 8th in the feature directly next to his points competitor Mario immediately fell in behind him and started following him through the pack. Then on lap 13 running in 6th place a accident in the front of the field caused the pack to bunch up, barely bumping into the car in front of him, Mario's radiator was punctured and coolant began to leak form the car, two laps later the caution flew and Clouser was forced to retire from the race due to the coolant loss.

The team’s championship dream was gone, they had done the best they could to overcome the problems they were presented with but at the end of the day things just didn’t fall their way. If they could have finished just one more race they would have been able to clinch the championship. Clouser finished second in the UMARA Points Championship but Mario Clouser Motorsports was able to clinch the Car Owner Points Championship Thanks to the hard work of the team and making sure that no matter what the car was able to make it back to the track.

When asked about how he felt Mario said, "Ya know, coming here this weekend I knew we had our work cut out for us. With the point gap so small it was not going to be easy to get this done. It’s just a real bummer to lose it over a silly mechanical issue; it always feels worse when it’s something you have no control over. This year really showed me what our team is capable of though, we had to overcome some big hurdles to even make it this point and it’s really nice to know you have some people behind you that will be there no matter what. I also want to thank all my sponsors that helped us out his year, for without them we would not even be here. The Illinois Corn Marketing board, RTS Farms, Brandts Consolidated, Rockies and Stanton Mopar."

Mario Clouser Motorsports has a hand-full of USAC shows to run before their season will come to a close for this year. We will keep you updated on how they do at those events as well as what is planned for next year.


After struggling all season long to finally get this years new car figured out Mario has been able to win the last three events held at Grundy County Speedway.  "We have been struggling for so long it seems this

Photo by Phil Rider
2009 National Midget

year, and after last years great success it feels good to have finally gotten things back to where we left off.  I only hope that we can continue this success for the remainder of the season.", Mario said after picking up the third victory last Saturday.

With only five races remaining in the UMARA Points race Schedule Clouser currently holds a 116 point lead over second place.  Mario Clouser Motorsports plans to continue to work hard to increase this point lead and hopefully be able to clinch the UMARA points Championship at the end of the season.  Stay Tuned for more updates on Mario's Championship Chase.
2008 USAC/UMARA National Midget Series - Season Highlights

2008 UMARA Awards Banquet
Photo by Phil Rider
Mario received awards for achievements in the 2008 season at last months UMARA Banquet.  Mariowas the 2008 UMARA National Midget Rookie of the year as well as placed 3rd in the national midget points series and won the 2008 Car Owner Points Championship.  Mario also was awarded the most prestigious award of the night the 2008 Bob Tattersall Memorial Hard Charger of the year award.  Mario said,  "I would like to thank all of the people who made this season possible, all the sponsors; the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, RTS Farms, Simpson Racing, and Napa of Auburn as well as all the people; my dad and mom, brother Dominic, Tad Whitten, and Tim Siefert.  I could not have had the successful season that we did with out all their help. Thanks to everyone that helped us get to where we are now."

Mario Clouser Motorsports is currently getting ready for the 2009 season and with hopes to run a full USAC National Midget Schedule is in the process of obtaining sponsors for the upcoming season.

Mario Clouser (06) dives under Aaron Andruskevitch (5) on his way to winning the Lockard Memorial Saturday night. (Phil Rider Photo)

UMARA National Midget Rookie driver Mario Clouser not only won his 4th feature race this season, he takes home the honor of winning the 28th annual Bob Lockhard Memorial Race presented by D’Arcy Motors, Bell Racing, Ty Inc., Budweiser and Ken Woody Sports.  This prestigious race capped off an exciting day at the Grundy County Speedway.



Mario Clouser joined an elite group when he won the 28th Bob Lockard Memorial Saturday night. (Phil Rider Photo)


Clouser, of Auburn Illinois started outside row three and worked his way through the field to take the lead on lap 16.  Jimmy Anderson led the field at the start of this 30-lap feature followed by Channahon native Billy Hulbert, Aaron Andruskeuvitch, Clouser and Zack Schiff rounding out the top five drivers.  This event was not without incident though as the red flag was brought out on lap 5 when Billy Hulbert lost his brakes slamming hard into the turn two wall and flipping over the top of Reed Ceponis.  Hulbert was taken to Morris hospital where he was checked and released the same evening in good condition.  On the restart it was still Jimmy Anderson in the lead with Clouser close behind. Anderson and Clouser battled nose to tail for 10 more laps when finally Clouser got by Anderson and took the lead.  Clouser, driving his E-85 Ethanol, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Beast/Mopar, sponsored midget car never looked back after that as he dominated the last half of the race.  Following Clouser and Anderson to the line were Zach Schiff, David Byrne and Aaron Andruskevitch.  Heat race winners were Patrick Wilda and Jimmy Anderson, while Clouser was fast qualifier.


17th Illinois State Midget Champion
Mario Clouser of Auburn, Illinois became the 17th winner of the UMARA Illinois State Midget Auto Racing Championship Saturday night when he won the 40-lap UMARA/USAC Regional midget feature, driving his E-85 Ethanol, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Beast/Mopar midget. It took UMARA National midget rookie driver Mario Clouser only four laps to overtake race leader Jim Anderson in the 40-lap main event Saturday night. Once he got the lead he never looked back, enroute to winning his second feature of the season. Once Clouser got past Anderson the best battle in the field was between Aaron Andruskevitch and Dakoda Armstrong. The duo seemed to be the only cars in the field of 21 cars that could run the top groove and the two put on a show the second half of the race. Andruskevitch started 12th and would finish 4th, just one spot ahead of Armstrong who started 8th. Afterwards in victory lane Clouser said, “You know I’m really surprised I got by Jimmy (Anderson) so quickly, he’s always really strong here, but my team has just got this car set-up well and it was like it was on rails tonight. I just can’t say enough about my crew, my sponsors, this Beast Chassis and this Mopar engine”.
Mario's First National Midget Win
Mario's first National Midget win of the 2008 Season

Mario Clouser was able to put together an amazing night at Grundy County Speedway in Morris, IL on Saturday. Mario won his first ever National Midget Feature after beating out Jimmy Anderson, Bryan Olson, David Byrne and others.  The night was stress free though, while running in the heat race passing for the lead Mario was run down the track and made contact with a tire that was lying off the inside of the track.  Some damage was done on the car but the crew was able to get it ready to go to for the feature.

Starting on the outside of the front row Mario wasted no time in getting to the front and lead every lap of the 30 lap feature.  "After all the mechanical problems we have had this year it feels really good to finally run up front.  I feel like we would have been here a lot sooner in the year had we not had as many problems but that is part of racing and that's what makes it feel so good to get a win", said, Mario.

Mario hopes to carry this momentum up to Illiana Speedway on Wed. night where they will run a USAC/UMARA co-sanctioned event and then on to Morris again on Sat.
Rookie Mario Clouser of Auburn, IL, who started eighth, had the crowd on its feet in the closing laps of the Regional midget feature as he picked off the third and second place cars and began to close the gap on leader Zach Schiff.  On the final lap, Clouser drove his E-85 Ethanol. Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Beast, hard into the final turn and completely erased the gap between himself and Schiff.  As the two approached the finish line, Clouser pulled out to make a pass on Schiff, but it was not enough as Schiff beat him to the line by less than half of a car length.  Following Schiff and Clouser to the line were Travis Young, Mario Marietta and Kyle Hamilton.

It was two wide into turn one with Mario Clouser in his E-85 Ethanol, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, RTS Farms Beast/Mopar sponsored car and Tom Schnabel in the Kendall County Concrete car, battling for the number one spot with Byrne behind them. Clouser took the lead and at the completion of lap one, it was Clouser followed by Schnabel and Byrne with current points leader Jimmy Anderson and Zach Schiff rounding out the top five spots.  Byrne wasted no time moving into second getting by Schnabel and Anderson by lap four.

   It was nose to tail racing for the first 12 laps of the 25-lap feature. Lap 11 brought a change in third place as Zach Schiff got around Jimmy Anderson.   Clouser, who was last week’s feature winner, had to drive hard to hold off the top four drivers’s, as he never gained a comfortable lead.  By lap 13 the hard charging Byrne made his move and got by Clouser to take control.  Byrne continued to drive hard as Clouser, Schiff and Anderson still continued to put pressure on the leader.   When the checkered flag dropped it was Byrne, Clouser, Schiff, Anderson and Tom Schnabel rounding out the top five spots.

Mario's National Midget Beast Chassis for 2008 Season
After spending the winter months putting together a new car for the 2008 season, Mario got the chance to shake it down at Anderson Speedway for the USAC National Midget pavement season opener. With a short time on Saturday for Mario to get used to the new car he was able to qualify in the 29th spot out of 46 total cars. A 5th place finish in his heat race would send him to the B-main, which he would be unable to transfer out of. "After missing the main by only one spot in the heat and bringing it home in one piece, I feel the weekend was a success", Mario said.

Clousers National midget has nearly 400 horsepower verses the Focus car of last year with around 185, and weights 200 pounds less coming in at 900 total. " The car has a completely different driving style, you really have to watch your right foot as it can get you in trouble allot quicker than the Focus car could." The team feels that Mario's results will only get better as he becomes more comfortable in this new class. There next race will be in West Salem, WI at the the LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway on May 16th.
2007 USAC/UMARA Focus Series - Season Highlights


Photo by: Bill Freis
Mario Clouser wraped up the 2007 USAC/UMARA Ford Focus Points Championship last Saturday night.  Mario qualified fast time on Saturday night at Grundy County Speedway and after starting from the sixth position in the feature and managed to finish in second place at the end of the 20 lap feature.

Clouser next event will be the 2007 USAC Ford Focus National Championship race to be held in Anderson, Indiana at Anderson Speedway on Sunday October 14th.  This will be Clousers last event in a Ford Focus midget for the remainder of the season and the team plans on putting together a USAC National Midget program for 2008.
Mario Clouser continues to be the one to beat when the USAC/UMARA Ford Focus Midgets compete at Grundy County Speedway. Brad Greenup of Channahon, Illinois held off Mario on two restarts to lead the first 7 laps, but Clouser got by with a great set-up move on the third restart and Clouser led the last 8 laps of the USAC/UMARA Ford Focus midget feature in his E-85 Illinois Corn Growers Association/Beast/Ford Focus.

Following Clouser to the finish were Greenup, Marc Wachter, Justin Plunkett and Sara Hyslop. Clouser was the heat race winner and fast qualifier. Clouser continues to hold that championship point lead in the USAC/UMARA series and looks to clinch the title next weekend with and event at Grundy County.

Morris , Ill Mario Clouser of Auburn, Ill. has definitely found the secret to winning at Grundy County Speedway. Saturday night he struck again, winning the 20-lap USAC/UMARA Ford Focus feature in his Illinois Corn Marketing Board Beast, leading the final 17 laps after passing Brad Greenup on lap four. Clouser beat Nick Grommes, Tony Devea, Brad Greenup and Marc Wachter to the finish.

Clousers next even will be August 18th at Grundy County Speedway. The event will be a USAC Midwest Series race and Grundy County is expecting over 70 USAC midgets to be in attendence.

In the 30-lap Midwest Ford Focus feature, Clouser led all the way to beat Tyler Irwin, Craig Haack, Chett Gehrke and James Robertson.  Mario had fourth quick time and with a lucky pill draw was able to start on the front row of the feature event.  "Super Mario", as he was nicknamed by the Madison International Speedway announcer, was able to pilot his Illinois Corn Marketing Board, E-85, Line-X Beast to nearly a half lap lead by the time the flags fell in Wisconsin.

Clouser still maintains his point lead in the USAC/UMARA points series over Mark Watchter, James Robertson, and Chett Gehrke.  Mario's next event will be a USAC/UMARA race at Grundy County Speedway on Saturday, August 4th.

Photo by: Bill Freis


Photo by Phil Rider

Mario Clouser continued his dominance at the 1/3 mile paved Grundy track after passing Craig Haack on lap 8 and leading the final 17 laps to win the Midwest/Indiana/UMARA Ford Focus race in his Illinois Corn Marketing Board/Beast/Ford Focus. James Robertson finished second ahead of Andy Nock, Craig Haack and Tyler Irwin.

Clouser now holds a 110 point lead over second in the USAC/UMARA points series. The team's next event will be at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio on Friday the 20th. The following week will include an event at Plymouth Speedway on Wednesday.


After a frustrating practice and heat race due to mechanical difficulties the Clouser race team was able to get all the problems fixed and put together a winning race car on Saturday. Starting in the 5 row Mario had his work cut out for him in the 25 lap feature event and after patiently making his way through the field took the lead on lap 16 and never looked back.

Clouser now holds a 47 point lead over Mark Wachter in the USAC/UMARA points series and will be headed back to Morris, IL this weekend to defend his winning streak.


Mario Clouser of Auburn , Ill. not only topped the USAC/UMARA Ford Focus field at Grundy County Speedway Saturday night, he topped the entire field of USAC/UMARA Focus and UMARA Sportsman Midgets to win the first round of he 2007 USAC/UMARA Focus championship!

In the 25-lap UMARA Sportsman/Ford Focus feature Plainfield's Tony Devea had his lead taken by Fred Teer in a Sportsman midget and would move out to a comfortable lead.  By the half-way mark Ford Focus midget pilot Mario Clouser of Auburn, Illinois had closed the gap between him and Teer and on lap 17 Clouser took the lead. Clouser will go down in the record books as the first ever USAC/UMARA Ford Focus feature winner.

2006 Ford Focus Midwest Pavement Series - Season Highlights

The 2006 Season Concludes
Mario finished out the season with another Top 5 finish at Anderson Speedway. That makes 11 top 5finishes for the season. Clouser will now be headed to California for the Ford Focus Nationals where he will compete in a dirt race (November 18th) at Ventura Speedway and a pavement race (November 23rd) at Irwindale Speedway.

Clouser will also be joining Davey Hamilton Racing to test prior to the pavement event on November 9th. Mario would like to send his thanks out to all the people and sponsors
that made this amazing season all possible.


USAC National Midget Car Series
O'Reilly POWRi National Midget Series

Schedule & Race Results
USAC Events
Powri Events

Date Speedway Location Qualified Result
Mar 30 2012 Ace Speedway Altamahaw, NC 1st 3rd
Mar 31 2012 Ace Speedway Altamahaw, NC 4th 2nd
Apr 27 2012 Jacksonville Speedway Jacksonville, IL N/A 1st

May 04 2012

Dodge City Raceway Park

Dodge City, KS



May 05 2012 Dodge City Raceway Park Dodge City, KS 25th 18th

May 26 2012

Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

Clermont, IN



Jun 02 2012 Tri-State Speedway Haubstadt, IN 8th 14th
Jun 13 2012 Gas City I-69 Raceway Gas City, IN 28th 18th
Jun 14 2012 Lincoln Park Speedway Putnamville, IN 13th 24th

Jun 15 2012

Bloomington Speedway

Bloomington, IN



Jun 16 2012

Lawrenceburg Speedway

Lawrenceburg, IN



Jun 17 2012 Kokomo Speedway Kokomo, IN 10th 20th

Jun 22 2012

Iowa Speedway

Newton, IA



Jun 23 2012

Grundy County STARS Race

Morris, IL



Jun 29 2012

Toledo Speedway

Toledo, OH



Jun 30 2012 Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL 3rd 20th
Jul 06 2012 Plymouth Speedway Plymouth, IN 11th 7th

Jul 07 2012

Plymouth Speedway

Plymouth, IN



Jul 08 2012

Angell Park Speedway

Sun Prairie, WI



Jul 26 2012

Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis

Clermont, IN



USAC National Midget Car Series 

Schedule & Race Results
UMARA Events

Speedway - Click for Race Results Location Date
Red River Speedway **Rain Out** Wichita Falls, TX March 13
Thunder Hill Raceway Kyle, TX March 14
Columbus Motor Speedway Columbus OH April 4
Anderson Speedway **Postponed** Anderson, IN April 5
O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN May 23
Illiana Motor Speedway Schererville, IN May 27
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL May 30
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 6
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 13
Iowa Speedway Newton, IA June 19
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 20
Illiana Motor Speedway Schererville, IN June 24
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 27
Toledo Speedway Toledo, OH July 3
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL July 4 or 5 (TBA)
Grundy County Speedway **WIN** Morris, IL July 18
O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN July 23
Anderson Speedway**Rain Out** Anderson, IN (SE) July 25
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL July 25
Plymouth Speedway Plymouth, IN July 29
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 1
Illiana Motor Speedway Schererville, IN August 5
Grundy County Speedway *IL State Championship* Morris, IL August 15
Grundy County Speedway *Bob Lockard Memorial* Morris, IL September 5
Columbus Motor Speedway Columbus OH September 19
Berlin Raceway Marne, MI September 26
Winchester Speedway Winchester, IN October 3
Monroe Motor Speedway Monroe, LA October 23
Monroe Motor Speedway Monroe, LA October 24
Phoenix International Raceway Phoenix, AZ November 12
Toyota Speedway at Irwindale Irwindale, CA November 26

USAC National Midget Car Series 

Schedule & Race Results

Speedway - Click for Race Results Location Date
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN April 6, 2008
LaCrosse Fair Grounds Speedway West Salem, WI May 16, 2008
Slinger Super Speedway Slinger, WI May 17, 2008
Rockford Speedway Rockford, IL May 18, 2008
O'Reilly Raceway Park Indianapolis, IN May 24, 2008
Illiana Speedway Schererville, IN May 28, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL May 31, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 7, 2008
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN June 11, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 14, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 21, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL June 28, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL July 5, 2008
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN July 9, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL July 12, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL July 19, 2008
O'Reilly Raceway Park Indianapolis, IN July 24, 2008
Kalamazoo Speedway Kalamazoo, MI July 26, 2008
Madison International Raceway **cancelled** Oregon, WI August 1, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 2, 2008
Illiana Motor Speedway Schererville, IN August 6, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 9, 2008
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN August 13, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 16, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 23, 2008
Grundy County Speedway Morris, IL August 30, 2008
O'Reilly Raceway Park **cancelled** Indianapolis, IN September 12, 2008
Berlin Raceway Marne, MI September 27, 2008
Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV November 1, 2008
Phoenix International Raceway Phoenix, AZ November 6, 2008
Irwindale Speedway Irwindale, CA November 27, 2008

USAC/UMARA Ford Focus Midget Car Series 

Schedule & Race Results

Speedway - Click for Race Results Location Date
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL June 2, 2007
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL June 9, 2007
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL June 16, 2007
Grundy County Speedway   *Rained Out* Morris, IL June 23, 2007
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL July 4, 2007
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL July 7, 2007
Grundy County Speedway  *Results* Morris, IL July 14, 2007
Kil-Kare Speedway *Results* Xenia, OH July 20, 2007
Plymouth Speedway *Rained Out* Plymouth, IN July 25, 2007
Madison International Speedway *Results* Oregon, WI July 28, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Rained Out* Morris, IL Aug. 4, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Results* Morris, IL Aug. 11, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Rained Out* Morris, IL Aug. 18, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Results* Morris, IL Aug. 25, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Results* Morris, IL Sept. 1, 2007
Grundy County Speedway *Results* Morris, IL Sept. 8, 2007
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN Oct. 14, 2007

USAC Ford Focus
Midwest Pavement Series
Schedule & Race Results

Speedway - Click for Race Results Location Date
Columbus Motor Speedway Columbus, OH 5/20/06
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN 5/24/06
Hawkeye Downs Speedway Cedar Rapids, IA 6/2/06
South Bend Motor Speedway South Bend, IN 6/14/06
Madison International Speedway Oregon, WI 6/16/06
Anderson Speedway (Rain out race from 5/24) Anderson, IN 6/21/06
Kil-Kare Speedway Xenia, OH 6/23/06
Kentucky Speedway Sparta, KY 7/8/06
Kil-Kare Speedway (Rain out race from 6/23) Xenia, OH 7/28/06
Galesburg Speedway Galesburg, MI 7/30/06
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN 8/2/06
Hawkeye Downs Speedway Cedar Rapids, IA 8/4/06
Dixie Motor Speedway Birch Run, MI 8/18/06
Berlin Raceway Marne, MI 8/19/06
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN 10/7/06
Anderson Speedway Anderson, IN 10/8/06
Ft. Wayne Coliseum Ft. Wayne, IN 12/29-30/06